• Why Choose Patrick Legal?

    legal_1At Patrick Legal, we have a reputation for providing high quality, efficient and affordable legal services in family law, criminal and traffic law, Wills and Estate and commercial litigation.  Our team has many years of experience, extensive knowledge and a commitment to keeping up-to-date with changing law.

    We can help you navigate the legal system, ensuring we explain legal matters in a way that works for you. Backed with personal, quality service, the most important thing we do is work hard to achieve the best possible results for you.

    We provide professional and prompt advice and assistance in: Family Law, Criminal Law, Wills & Estates, and general commercial litigation. 

  • High Quality Experienced Legal Representation In Perth

    At Patrick Legal we have experienced solicitors capable of handling all of your family law, criminal law, estate matters, and civil litigation matters, including complex legal matters. We have the size and range of solicitors in Perth to suit your particular legal matter.

    Our Perth lawyers have a practical and solutions oriented approach. We will strive to obtain the optimal legal outcome for you without commencing legal proceedings. However, if legal proceedings are commenced we will fight to ensure that you get the best legal outcome possible.

    All of our Perth solicitors are committed to best practice and to ensuring the best legal outcome for you. Our Perth solicitors engage in regular professional development seminars in order to ensure that they are up to date with the latest legal developments and changes in the law.

  • Local Legal Services in Perth- Multiple Offices

    Patrick Legal Perth Lawyers provides legal services throughout the Perth metropolitan area. With 7 legal offices in the Perth metropolitan area (including Mandurah), you have the convenience of receiving our expert personalised legal services from our skilled Perth lawyers in your local area.

    Whichever Patrick Legal Perth Lawyers office you attend, you will receive the same legal expertise and legal experience. The legal resources of Patrick Legal Perth Lawyers, are shared across all of our offices and between all of our solicitors.

    In addition to the convenience of being able to attend one of our local Perth legal offices, we can arrange home or hospital visits for sick or incapacitated clients.

  • Consistent & Flexible Approach

    The clients of Patrick Legal Perth Lawyers have come to appreciate and depend upon our consistent, no surprise approach to legal services in Perth. We ensure regular reporting and feedback is given to our clients to keep them updated about their legal matter.

    At Patrick Legal Perth Lawyers we will provide you with an early evaluation and assessment of your case and the estimated future costs of your legal matter. We offer a discounted first consultation so that you can make an assessment of how to proceed without a large monetary commitment. There is no obligation to proceed after the first consultation. If you do wish to proceed with our legal services we will clearly set out our fees and charges before you engage Patrick Legal Perth lawyers. We will give an estimate of your future fees to avoid surprizes and the time frames for your legal matter.

    We have a flexible approach to meeting times and can arrange out of normal business hour meetings. We can also meet you at your home or hospital due to your illness or incapacity, to ensure you receive the expert legal services in Perth you require.

    In order to assist clients who cannot afford to pay as they go (in suitable cases) we can defer our fees until settlement of your matter.

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